Quarter Circle

Quarter Circle

The Quarter Circle design is individually simple but collectively very striking. We like it best when multiple colour combinations feature in a single layout.

Each tile measures 140x140mm.
Handmade and screen printed glazed Terracotta.

The tiles cost €8.25 each or €396 per m2, plus VAT and transport.
Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools.

The Quarter Circle design is also available as a non-woven 180gsm wallpaper in blues and orange

Core Collection

The Quarter Circle collection covers 4 different tile designs suitable to make all kinds of murals*. Looking for more possibilities or colours? Check the Quarter circle Bespoke Collection below.

Tile: QC20
Tile: QC11
Tile: QC10
Tile: QC21

Tile reference: QC20, QC11, QC10 and QC21 (in order of appearance)

*) minimal order quantities:

  • 1m2 per tile design and colour = 48 tiles
  • 3m2 total order = 144 tiles
Quarter Circle Bespoke Inspiration

Quarter Circle Bespoke Collection

Do you feel inspired to play around some more with our Quarter Circle design? From the Smink Things ceramic colour card you can choose any colour that suits the colour scheme of your project and create your bespoke Quarter Circle design.

Each tile measures 140x140mm
Handmade and screen printed glazed Terracotta
Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools.

Tile Variations

Shape reference: ALL-A/QC-A and QC-A (in order of appearance)

Each shade in these examples can be replaced by a different colour
(some designs have overlapping colours)

Shape: ALL-A/ QC-A
Shape: QC-A

Available base colour finishes: white or cream

Colour: white
Colour: cream

Our carefully developed colours to choose from

Colour: 506
Colour: 505
Colour: 504
Colour: 503
Colour: 502
Colour: 501
Colour: 500
Colour: 407
Colour: 405
Colour: 404
Colour: 402
Colour: 401
Colour: 302
Colour: 301
Colour: 300
Colour: 205
Colour: 203
Colour: 201
Colour: 200
Colour: 101
Colour: 100
Colour: 002
Colour: 001
Colour: 001
Colour: 403
More info or Inspiration

Contact us for a brochure (.pdf) and/or to share your thoughts about bespoke tiles, compositions or murals to fit your project. We also offer sample kits including examples of each design and a chip for every colour available.