Smink Things studio

Smink Things is the studio of designer Marianne Smink. Smink Things specialises in the design, layout and manufacture of ceramic wall tiles, concrete floor tiles and digitally printed wallpapers.

Marianne brings her background in fashion print design and an eye for the beauty of imperfection to her work. All products are designed, engineered and finished with an attention to detail. Balancing colour and design in line with trends in home furnishing at the same time as creating unique patterns and prints.

‘Perfect Imperfection’ is a hallmark of Smink Things, every produced tile is slightly different, achieved by creating it by hand. The colours and glazes of our ceramic tiles range are screen-printed by hand before firing in a kiln. We create contemporary designs whilst using the skills and craftsmanship of artisanal production methods for our tiles. We celebrate the unique design features that this creates, to us this is a unique beauty.

We like to think that we create the tools for designers and architects to develop into their own installations. We can help with layouts but there are endless possibilities for unique compositions in all our ceramic wall tiles, concrete floor tiles and wallpapers.

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