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After Lowry


Screen printed ceramic tiles

We make ceramic tiles with screen printed patterns. Our tiles are made in our beautiful factory in rural Portugal. The factory is drawing from generations of expertise and working hard to rebuild this inspiring craft.

No two Smink Things tiles will ever be the same and we love that! ‘Perfect Imperfection’ is a hallmark of Smink Things, every tile we produce is slightly different. Often the differences are small and the occasional missing bit of colour or the extra dark patch gives it’s on identity to the tile installation. We achieve this by creating our products by hand. All our ceramic tiles are first made by hand, then they undergo their first firing, followed by a screen print session, all done by hand as well. Finalising with a second firing.



We create contemporary design, using the skills and craftsmanship of artisanal production methods. We celebrate the beautiful unique design features that this creates.

We like to think that we create the tools for designers and architects to develop into their own installations. We can help to create layouts but there are endless possibilities for unique compositions in all our ceramic wall tiles.